My sisters desk…

So, my youngest sister and I just spent almost three hours trying to put her new desk and hutch set together. It didn’t go well. We were doing fine up to some points, but the holes where we were suppose to stick the screws and what not, were either to tight or not aligned right and it basically messed up the whole desk. I am not a newbie at putting desks together, so I know that the desk was built wrong. Ugh. My sister decided she wants to take the desk back because it’s basically crap and it just won’t go together right and I agree. My mom however, keeps saying, “We’ll work on it tomorrow and fix it”, but we both think we should try a different desk.

I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. I am taking my mom to an eye appointment and we are going to see about taking this desk back and getting a different one. I found the desk I am getting, I just hope it isn’t this much trouble to put together.

ETA: Aug. 2nd 2008 – We took the desk back and will probably getting something else sometime this week.


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It funny how someone can make a statement towards you and it ends up ruining your day and making one feel like complete shit. I know that sometimes people say things and they aren’t trying to be be hurtful, but you are. And I know you are young, but you would should probably think before you open your mouth. There is no need for you to point out the obvious to me every. time. you. see. me. Seriously, I am this close to exploding and telling you to back off and I really shouldn’t have to do that, but if it keeps up I am going to.

Maybe that is why I am beginning to prefer my own company.

Lacking manners….

You know what I think is rude? When a group of people wishes someone a happy birthday and that person thanks everyone personally except just one person. At least I know to ignore that person from now on, since they value only certain peoples comments. Fine by me.