Should I…

So, a few days ago my youngest sister K. used a temporary hair coloring and dyed her hair red. It looks lovely and I’ve been thinking that I kind of want a change of color with my hair. My hair is a natural dark auburn, so it has some red highlights but it’s not noticeable unless I’m outside or in the light.

I kind of want to go red, but I know it won’t look like K’s., since our coloring and hair type are totally different. I also don’t want it to be brassy which is what I’m thinking might happen. When I was younger, I used to dye my hair a lot and even used a blondish color, (Which of course gave me the brassy color I want to avoid.) but I was more outgoing then. My mom and youngest sister said they liked it, but my other sister S. said the coloring looked like Ronald McDonald. :/ I don’t want to get that look again…lol.

I guess I have some thinking to do. I don’t want to rush into making this decision. I haven’t messed with my hair in like 5 years and at this point, it’s strong and has its natural coloring. So I don’t know if I want to mess with that. I may get a temporary color like K. did and see how it looks. That way if I don’t like it, it won’t last.

Not so quick…

So, I went to the bank yesterday to start a new account, First, I ended up having to wait 30 minutes just to see someone. Then when it was finally my turn, and the teller and I were trying to get everything set up, I was told that my s.s. number that they had online didn’t match the one that was really mine. It said, that it was issued a year before I was even born. So the guy recommended that I go to the s.s. office and make sure someone wasn’t trying to steal my identity or something.

I end up having to leave the bank and drive to the s.s. office and one of the guys there checks everything out and he says that everything looks fine and it must be an error on their part. So, I end up driving back to the bank and telling the teller that I went to the office (I showed him proof) and was told that everything matches fine and nobody is pretending to be me and that it is on there end.

What was suppose to take 30 or 40 minutes at the most, ended up taking me over 2 hours to get done. I mean, I am glad that nothing was wrong with my personal information, but all of it was kind of annoying. While we were at the bank though, I think that I was able to convince my mother to start putting money away for her retirement. We are thinking about investing in some Cd’s, which looks like a good option for her. So it wasn’t all bad.

Just another day…

I know I said I am cutting out sweets, but I didn’t want to miss out on my birthday cake. I had two pieces yesterday and a piece this morning and I think I am going to call it quits. It was a large cake, so there is a lot left-over, but I don’t plan on being the one to finish it up, lol.

One of my nieces may be coming over today, if her dad ever gets home from whatever drunken’ bender he is on now. :whatevah: I was thinking about doing some more cleaning. I did a bit a couple of days ago, but I think I am going to have to do a big overhaul of things. I have junk that is broken or doesn’t get used and it just takes up much needed space. So, either I will do it later today or wait until Monday when I will have one of my sisters help me move the heavy stuff.