Eating better as a family…

My mom, youngest sister and I have vowed off sweets. We all decided that we are going to help each other eat better and we are going to quit buying cookies and other crap. My mom mentioned how she hasn’t been feeling good lately and I feel the same way. I think we both agree that we are just eating too much junk food. We are also going to cut out eating fast food. My youngest sister also wants to join in, Although, she’s in shape already, but she wants to eat better, so that will be good for her also.

So with that, I will be starting my exercising program tomorrow. You may be seeing a lot of posts dealing with my exercise/diet regime, but I will try not to go overboard with it.

In other news the bottom element in our oven broke so now we have to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy another one. They are about 30 bucks so they don’t cost too much. But really, who wants to spend extra money on an oven piece.

Thoughts on a new diet…

For the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about starting another diet. I know that I need to lose some weight and get in shape, but like so many others, I always get off track. At the moment, I am not going through my depression. In fact, things have been feeling pretty good. *knock on wood*, so my bad eating habits can’t be blamed on that. But I have just been eating so horrible lately and I hate it. I crave sugar so bad at the moment and I don’t know why and no I am not pregnant. Heh.

Anyways, the bright spot is that I don’t drink sugary drinks and haven’t for a very long time. So that is good, but I want to remove the snacks from my meals. I think I eat them, because I am bored and well, I love sugary things. However, I’ve got to do something about that because I know I am going overboard with eating junk food. I know having a snack every now and then isn’t a bad thing, but I eat them all. the. time. and that isn’t good for me.

Plus, I need to start exercising more and I am looking into starting a new program where I do some sort of exercise at least 15 minutes a day (to start out). I know it will be good for me. I am thinking about making a chart so I can make myself do some type of workout everyday. Even if it is for a few minutes. It’s just so hard you know? But it is something that I need to do for myself.

Starting fresh, again…

So, I’ve decided to start fresh with my blogging…again. I did a complete overhaul of my website and removed all those posts from months ago. At the time I was suffering through a dark depression and I quit posting and frankly, I didn’t want to look at those old posts. I haven’t even posted in my livejournal for months because who wants to look at old posts that are basically one big downer after another?

Anyways, like I said I am starting fresh. I put in a new blogging program and I probably won’t blog everyday, but I get to have a fresh start, which is what I really want. I also made a new layout, which is still a work in progress. I’m not going to force myself to blog everyday, but if I do want to post something, I will have a place to do it.