Sims 2: Hay Bale Set

I know there are a few bale of hay meshes out there, but I created these a long time ago and thought I would share them anyways. There are three different sizes and types of hay bales offered: Choose from Alfalfa, Timothy or Straw and choose from one bale, two bales, or three bales.

1 bale
FaceCount = 108
BodyCount = 282

2 bale
FaceCount = 216
BodyCount = 564

3 bale
FaceCount = 324
BodyCount = 846

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Sims 2: Basic Foal *Update* (Uploaded)

Here are 13 foals in a variety of different poses to go along with Dragon Slave’s Basic Horse. The original mesh is from the DS Horse and the edited foal versions were created by me. There are 13 different poses. As a side note, you need to make sure you have the colors/recolors downloaded from the basic horse in order for the colors to show up on the foal. I also have had some slight problems with editing the mesh so there might be a few wonky parts. Sorry about that.

Pose 1 – (Standing)
Pose 2 – (Nursing)
Pose 3 – (Feeding)
Pose 4 – (Jogging)
Pose 5 – (Galloping)
Pose 6 – (Rearing)
Pose 7 – (Bending)
Pose 8 – (Standing Head Turned)
Pose 9 – (Standing Head Turned 2)
Pose 10 – (Walking)
Pose 11 – (Bucking)
Pose 12 – (Rolling)
Pose 13 – (Laying Down)

FaceCount = 524
BodyCount = 1466

(click for bigger image)
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