Putting things together…

Phew! I am taking a break from setting up everything. I finished up my desk about a half-hour ago and am cleaning up a bit. It took a little over 3 hours and I did it myself! Although, I did get a small piece backwards and I plan on fixing it in a little while. I also got my new computer today and man…the screen is huge! It is like a small/medium sized TV! lol.

Anyways, I still have a lot of setting up to do. I am not sure if I am going to set up the computer tonight. I just want to take a long shower and sit down and relax. My lower back is killing me! I also think keeping busy has helped me feel better today. I am talking actively with my mom again, but I still haven’t talked to my youngest sister. It has been three days and honestly, it feels good not to have to interact with her and her negativity.

So, I have some more cleaning and moving of things to do, which I will probably do tomorrow and I may or may not set up the computer tonight. It all depends on how I feel.

This and that…

*sigh* So I checked the tracking on my computer and it changed. It now will be here between the 11th and 14th. I know it’s not a big deal, but I ordered on the 4th and they apparently didn’t even process my order till the 6th. Oh well I guess. I will just have to wait. I plan on helping my sister set up her new desk tomorrow and we will do mine on Saturday or Sunday.

I may be getting my new computer chair tomorrow or Saturday also. The one I have now is basically complete crap, but it is comfortable. I have been trying to find a decent priced one that also won’t kill my back and we found one at Staples that is really nice and is also on sale. I thought I might have to order one online, but the shipping charges for a chair is very expensive, so we tried to find one around here.

Besides that, nothing much going on. My older sister brought home this delicious lasagna that she made at work and it was so good. She brings us some of the best tasting dishes. We won’t be having that anymore after a while. She found a new job in another area that is like 3 hours away, (because her current establishment sold-out and other personal reasons I won’t discuss here) and she starts it around the 12th or something. I am happy for her because she is obviously much happier with her life now then when she was with her abusive, ex-husband, but she is moving away from us and that is kind of sad. I know it’s not as far as my other sister who lives in Vegas, but it still isn’t near us. I think my mom is going to be the one that it will hurt the most. :[

My new desk…

So, I got my new desk today. I haven’t set it up yet because I am not feeling very well, but I think I will do it sometime this weekend. Unless my computer gets here sooner.

Lately, I’ve been craving Arby’s Roast Beef Cheddar Melts. (I had two) Unfortunately for me, I love them way too much. Especially, smothered in the Arby sauce and horseradish sauce. That will do me no good.

Here’s what my new desk looks like:
my new desk

I ordered my computer…

I ordered my new computer! It says it will be here between the 8th and the 11th. I am excited. I really needed a new one that would run faster and has more memory then the one I am currently using.

My mother bought herself the first season of Murder She Wrote. lol. We don’t have cable at the moment, and my mom missed watching it when it would rerun on tv, so she decided to start buying the seasons.

My sisters desk…

So, my youngest sister and I just spent almost three hours trying to put her new desk and hutch set together. It didn’t go well. We were doing fine up to some points, but the holes where we were suppose to stick the screws and what not, were either to tight or not aligned right and it basically messed up the whole desk. I am not a newbie at putting desks together, so I know that the desk was built wrong. Ugh. My sister decided she wants to take the desk back because it’s basically crap and it just won’t go together right and I agree. My mom however, keeps saying, “We’ll work on it tomorrow and fix it”, but we both think we should try a different desk.

I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. I am taking my mom to an eye appointment and we are going to see about taking this desk back and getting a different one. I found the desk I am getting, I just hope it isn’t this much trouble to put together.

ETA: Aug. 2nd 2008 – We took the desk back and will probably getting something else sometime this week.


I just finished cleaning for the day and I am exhausted. I have to do the rest of the cleaning tomorrow, or at least that is the plan. I am getting a new computer desk and chair sometime this week or next week and I want everything to be nice and tidy when they get here. The desk is lovely and the chair is so comfortable. I may post pictures of it later. I am also ordering a new computer soon! *claps* I am giving my sister this computer and I will be getting something that has a bit more power to it. Anyways, I am excited about that and I am also tired from this afternoon, so that is about it.