Small update…

Just a small update of things.

Bella is becoming a very outgoing and happy kitty! She has really broke out of her shell within the last few days. She no longer will allow herself to be in my sisters room with the door shut (unless my sister has gone to bed then she stays with her) and hangs out in the laundry room with Joey. She is also standing up for herself with Crystal who still doesn’t like her. *sigh* I know I have to give it time, but it’s annoying to watch Crystal be mean to her. Bella though, is a bit feisty and seems to be able to hold her own. She is such a sweetie. She loves to have her belly rubbed and loves being held and is constantly meowing at us for attention. She is like a totally different cat from when we found her. She is also a very hyper little girl. At times it can be frustrating. lol.

My sister also called and my niece apparently is doing very well. She loves her new school and her new house and things are just going great and that makes me so happy. I was afraid that she would have a hard time adjusting, but I guess it is the opposite of what I thought. I am glad she has gotten away from some of the kids around here. No offense to certain people, but some of the families are trailer and some of the kids are trouble and that was who she was hanging around with. She basically gets to have a new start with her mom and I hope everything works out for them.