Update on new kitten…

The kitten is doing better today. He has a big appetite and has been drinking liquids so things are good on that front. He is also getting better at letting us around him, but still has the instinct of wanting to run and hide. We are still keeping him in his crate and keeping the other cats away from him. He also got a mini bath, which he handled surprisingly well. He also is not flipping out on us when we try to pick him up. In a way, it seems like he kind of welcomes us touching him. I think he is starting to realize (slowly), that we aren’t the enemy. Although, like I said he still has flight instinct. We still are undecided on a name, but then we are waiting to find out what gender he really is.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of my sister holding the new kitty:

(Also, for some reason, he looks a lot bigger in the pics then he does in person. It’s kind of weird.)

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 3

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 2

ThatScaryChicks new kitten