New book…

My mother brought home a new book for me today as a surprise! It’s called Blaze by Richard Bachman. I collect the hardback books written by Stephen King/RB and for some reason I didn’t have this one. It’s funny, because sometimes she will bring me books home by S.K. and she will be like, “I hope you don’t have this one yet.” It just surprises me that she hasn’t gotten a duplicate book for me yet, even though I have a bunch of them. Anyways, I haven’t read it yet, so I will probably start reading it sometime this week when I get the chance.

Blaze - Richard Bachman/Stephen King

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One thought on “New book…”

  1. When you’re done reading it, you should post what you think of it here! I’m so iffy about Stephen King, but I loved “The Stand.”

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