Sims 3: Silent Hill Homecoming – Cemetery Series

Here is my newest set that I finally finished. There are 22 objects from the game Silent Hill Homecoming. These items can be found around the graveyard. I don’t take credit for the meshes, just for extracting them and converting them for Sims 3.

ThatScaryChick, Silent Hill, Sims 3

All objects besides the column and bench can be found in Decorative>Misc.
The bench can be found in Comfort>Misc. Comfort and the column can be found in the column section in build mode. The fence is a decorative object. Sorry, I’m still learning how to get certain items to work right and I was having trouble with trying to make this a real fence.

You can find more images here.

Silent Hill Homecoming: Cemetery Set :: Mediafire

Feel free to do what you want with these, but please give me credit. Thanks!

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