Sims 2: Grain Bin

I finally finished the grain bin that I have been working on and I really like the results. There are 3 slots in the mesh and each section has different grains inside of them. This is just a decorative object to add to your Sims farm. There are five different colors to choose from.

Maple (mesh), Black Cherry, Cedar, Dark Mahogany and Mahogany.

Grain Bin
FaceCount = 400

grain, sims 2, horses, farm, stable, thatscarychick

(click for bigger image)

sims 2, thatscarychick, horse, horses, feed, feed

sims 2, thatscarychick, horse, horses, feed, feed


* The maple color grain bin is the mesh.

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  1. I don’t want to sound pushy or anything but do you think you could do a closed grain bin?

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