Sims 2: Basic Foal *Update* (Uploaded)

Here are 13 foals in a variety of different poses to go along with Dragon Slave’s Basic Horse. The original mesh is from the DS Horse and the edited foal versions were created by me. There are 13 different poses. As a side note, you need to make sure you have the colors/recolors downloaded from the basic horse in order for the colors to show up on the foal. I also have had some slight problems with editing the mesh so there might be a few wonky parts. Sorry about that.

Pose 1 – (Standing)
Pose 2 – (Nursing)
Pose 3 – (Feeding)
Pose 4 – (Jogging)
Pose 5 – (Galloping)
Pose 6 – (Rearing)
Pose 7 – (Bending)
Pose 8 – (Standing Head Turned)
Pose 9 – (Standing Head Turned 2)
Pose 10 – (Walking)
Pose 11 – (Bucking)
Pose 12 – (Rolling)
Pose 13 – (Laying Down)

FaceCount = 524
BodyCount = 1466

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sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses

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sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses

sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses

sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses sims 2, thatscarychick, dragon slave, horse, horses

* Please don’t upload the full foal set to other sites. (Don’t upload to paysites. Dragon Slaves TOU doesn’t allow it.) You can add them to houses or whatever, but don’t claim as your own. Feel free to edit them to create more poses if you want. I do plan on making more foal poses in the future though! 🙂

* To get the nursing foal in the right position you will have to have “moveobjects on”, “snapobjectstogrid” and “45degreeangleofrotation” enabled.

DOWNLOAD: Basic Foal Set

DOWNLOAD: Foal Set Collection File

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31 thoughts on “Sims 2: Basic Foal *Update* (Uploaded)”

  1. OMFG.


    ….OH MY GOD.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Now..just have to wait for them to become available..

    Please, please tell me you plan to do this for the basic mesh too? (the adult) Like, you don’t even know how long I’ve prayed and wished that someone would do this sort of’ve just made my last 2 years of waiting for DS to do nothing..something!!

  2. btw..did you do this using blender? i’ve been trying to figure out how to manipulate parts of the mesh (like repose it) and i have no idea what i’m doing in there and i’m having trouble finding tutorials on how to alter meshes..any tips?

  3. You’re welcome! I currently have 6 poses finished for the adult. Although, I have to fix the meshes a bit. I checked them in game and some things looks screwy. I will try to finish those up soon and upload them as well. I also have a pregnant horse I am working on, but like the others I need to fix the mesh. lol.

    I use milkshape to edit the meshes, sometimes wings. It depends on the mesh. I currently don’t know of any tutorials to edit the objects. I just have been messing around and editing things for a while now so it’s just trial and error I guess. If I come across something helpful I will send it to you though. 🙂

  4. Wow! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see them when they’re finished. You’ll have made me like the happiest simmer ever. When they’re released I will start making recolors right away! Foals will be fun to do 😀 and then I can link back to you & DS for the meshes 😀

    Yes, I’m getting Maya & 3ds Max sometime soon and I figured they might be easier to figure out than Blender so hopefully after some playing around I will be able to make some poses too! But, I also want to make some deco objects like..grooming tools, saddles, bridles (hanging), etc. I wish I could figure out how Fairy Forest made those bridles/saddles. I have been recoloring those and trying to see what I can make happen there (so that they are more contemporary in style lol).

    yes! definitely send me something if you find it. i’m always looking for outside help.


  5. Christina: I am actually working on some decoration stuff. I am working on a trailer, some barn items and riding equipment. I hope to have some more of those things done in the near future. I uploaded a horse blanket to MTS2, but it got rejected. I have to redo the texture. It wasn’t very good. 🙁 So, I have a lot to do. lol.

    A French: Thank you!

  6. Well..I will be here checking religiously for any updates you post. Anything equine would be great. I’m really anxious to see what you have up your sleeve. I would like to do an entire tack room one i mentioned earlier..saddles/blankets/bridles/boots/grooming equip/ and stuff like that..I would also love some halters/blankets for the horses (like you’ve started) thus far, i just add these things on to the texture and they look pretty decent i suppose..but its obvious theyre not a mesh!

    anyway, i really hope you keep up with this. it means the world to horse-lovers like myself who like to build their towns/stories around horses. ^.^

  7. Yeah, I have quite a few things, but a lot of them need finishing touches and a few items are quite a bit of work and will take more time. I have some things done, but they still need a little more work. I never seem to be able to create things in one try. lol. Something always needs adjusting and fixing.

    I have some feed stuff, grooming items, tack, but I just have to get around to finishing them completely. I am hoping to upload a few more items within the next week or so.

    I do have a laying down pose like you are describing (i think) in the works, but it isn’t part of the current six. You can see it here: . I need to fix the mane, back legs, front legs, body, etc. lol. It needs a lot of work, but I plan on finishing it.

    I hope to see some more items from you. I love looking at the pictures on your site. They are so pretty.

  8. Oh my goodness. I’m so excited. I will be checking back here religiously. And yeah, I often have to make 3 versions of the same texture bc I have to tweak stuff. So multiple attempts are normal even for recolorers like me!

    Yes! That pose is what I’m talking about. Is that an adult mesh in the picture?

    Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate it. The more great stuff u put out, I will feature on my site!! And I’m definately making some new foal colors<3

    I added u to my affiliates too!!! Thanks soo much!! Together we will be known for our horse stuffeths!

  9. Christina: Yes, that is an adult mesh. It’s not part of the original set I have almost finished because it has been much harder to do. It has been a lot more work then I thought it would be, but I really want that pose as well so I hope to have it done soon.

    I am glad that we can be affilates. I think it’s great to find someone else who also wants more equestrian stuff for the Sims!

    A french: I am glad you like them and I hope that they are working out well for you. 🙂

  10. I am dying to test them out in game =_= A french should post some pics .. i know that’s the first thing I’m going to do when I get to play..aside from making some recolors!!

  11. At the moment I am finishing up a grain bin I made. But I’m also working on finishing up some poses for the adult horse and I’ve been working on a dressage saddle set and a hunter/jumper tack set. I’m also trying to clean up a horse blanket I’ve made and some stable items. I am hoping in the next couple of days, to have a few stable items up. I can’t make any promises though. I have to get the items cleaned up first.

  12. Will you be making any pony foal or any draft type horses & foals? I would love to see something like that, I download every pose I can find & every recolor too….. I’m Hoping to find some more “Breyer” Inspired stuff too

  13. Oh My Goodness, they are marvelous!!!!!! Just what we needed keep up the good work, I love all your horses and ranch stuff!!!!

  14. I absolutely adore these! I’d been waiting ages for DragonSlave to release foals and came across these on Google.
    Just one issue: I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I’ve downloaded the set several times and, according to winRAR, poses 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 13 are corrupt.
    Is it just my temperamental laptop or is there actually something wrong with the file, I really want the full set!!

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