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8 thoughts on “It’s A Boy!”

  1. Hey there TSC. I just wanted to pop my head in and say hi! I love your recent uploads (the horsey ones) to MTS and I think we share a passion for them (horses i mean) and of course, sims. so, just wanted to come here and say hello! i hope to hear from you and to see more uploads from you in the future!

  2. hey, just out of curiosity..i saw that under equestrian stuff you had foal poses listed but there seems to be no post..are those still available? if not, do you plan to upload them?

  3. hello, christina!

    yeah, i had them all set to upload, but then i saw something messed up on one of the foals and i took the post down because i have to fix it. i made 13 different poses and i think they are pretty cool, but i caught something off on one of them.

    i can only upload them here and not on MTS2 because i don’t have Dragon Slaves permission. it is her mesh and i altered it. i sent her pm, but she hasn’t been back to the site since june.

    i hope to have it fixed soon though. 🙂

  4. Yes, I’ve sent her a few PMs myself..with no replies but one, and that was years ago. But, I definitely recommend that you post this update to Black Pearl when it’s ready..people will go apeshit over it..or..at least I have anyway.. 😀

  5. I’ll get a button added for you as soon as I can and I will post them on Black Pearl as well. I got to warn you though they aren’t perfect. There is slight errors with the mane in some poses, but I can’t really fix those. However, it’s nice to have foals to go along with the adults.

  6. hey, i’m not judging what-so-ever. I’m just amazed by what you’ve done and I really want to learn to do this myself so that I can help you out and we can create lots of equine goodies for our sims. There just isnt anything like this out there.

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