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I just got back from my second dentist appointment. Sorry, if I don’t make much sense, but I am kind of drowsy right now. Apparently, at this time I need two root canals at the top right side of my mouth. They cut the nerves on two teeth so I wouldn’t feel too much pain right now and they fixed three other teeth. I have to go in on March 4th to have the actual root canals done. It is costing me $1182 to have the two root canals done and it will cost another $1,000 or $2,000 for the crowns.

Except, I may need to have another root canal done on one of my bottom teeth. So add another $519 for the root canal and $1,000 for the crown. Wonderful. Luckily, they are allowing me to make monthly payments on the root canals. Otherwise, I would be up shit creek. I have to figure out how to pay for the crowns. They told me I don’t have to worry about the crowns right away, so I guess I will see about paying for those sometime around next year.

I started crying when I left the dentist office. I am pissed at myself for not taking better care of my teeth in the first place. I wish when I was growing up, that I took more of an interest in dental care. Then I wouldn’t be in this mess.

But it sucks because, I do brush my teeth 2 or 3 times a day everyday and I am still having problems with my mouth. I don’t understand. I haven’t even drank sugary drinks like sodas for over 4 years. I took those out of my diet a long time ago and my teeth are still giving me troubles.

I’m just tired of my mouth giving me problems. I hope that the nerves that the dentist cut will at least give me some pain free days. Of course, I will probably still experience some type of pain, being that they prescribed me some Vicodin.

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  1. Hey, ScaryChick:

    I read your poor dentist blog. I thought i would tell you a story to help a little. Yes, I think good care helps your teeth throughout life, but I also think your genes have alot to do with it, and here’s why. My brother and sister and I are adopted. When we were growing up, man, did we ever drink milk. We LOVED milk. In high school, my brother was growing into his final 6’4″ height and was he ever putting on the bone. In the morning, the three of us would consume a half gallong of milk. When we came home from school, we would race my brother to the fridge, but he would take three giant strides and get there first and take out a new gallon of milk my mother had bought that day. He’d open the top, and standing there tip it back pour it into his stomach. While he was drinking it, my sister and i would be beating on him, pounding him “Stop it, Robert, Stop it, stop it!” and he would be laughing, huh huh huh, WHILE he was swallowing. Never have seen anyone do that before or since. Anyway, my sister and I would get one of the two other half gallons my mom had also bought during the day, and then we all three would have the last half gallon during dinner.

    That’s two and a half gallons of milk between the three of us every day. We were all competative swimmers, so we were burning alot of it, too, but I always believed it really helped protect my teeth. I never had a cavity until I had my first child (cavities are increased during pregnancy, all nutrition goes to baby). My brother still has NEVER HAD A CAVITY but he says he’s had a root canal and has a cap on a chipped tooth and he’s 50 now. My sister, however, had cavities constantly as a child. By her teens, she had had several teeth pulled and two root canals. I can say how many root canals she’s had by now, she’s 48, and has caps and bridges and so forth.

    So, even though we all got the same nutrition, and didn’t’ eat sugar much, and the same dental care, there was a big diff between us as far as teeth health goes.

    I have had a chipped tooth and about 5 cavities all told.

    I may be wrong, but I think root canals are from infection under the gums? Its hard to forestall this, except with regular cleanings and excellent brushing, but I don’t have regular dental care as an adult and still don’t have those problems. I think its genetic.

    Then, just be careful about too much brushing. My sister used to brush two or three times a day, and brushed all the enamel off her teeth, so that can happen if you brush too much. I think personally the key is to really brush your gums, to get just up under the edge of your gum as much as you can, where things can build up.

    That’s it, that’s my tooth advice, for whatever its worth. I just didn’t want you to beat yourself up too much. I just think that tooth and mouth problems are going to happen often no matter how great or little we attend to it, that’s all. Its in the genes, in my opinion!

    Cheers, Another Round/Cheryl/Inyureye

  2. Thank you so much for your reply Cheryl. I appreciate your comment and enjoyed reading your story so much. It has been really hard on me because I feel like I have screwed up my mouth so much and I cry because of the pain and because of the bills and it gets tiring. I don’t want to say that I never took care of my teeth when I was a kid because I did to a point, but I feel if I had done a much better job it wouldn’t be this bad.

    And I think you may be right with some of it having to do with genetics. I have three sisters, two are half-siblings and we all have varying amounts of dental problems as well. Some have been worse then others and we basically grew up the same.

    I guess, I am having a pity party….sorry. I know there are people who have it worse and don’t even have the ability to get the care that I do, so really I should be grateful for the ability to even go see a dentist. Thank you again for the comforting story. It means a lot to me that someone took the time to care.

  3. I know the feeling about the Teeth, I had surgery and they took 4 of my teeth out, good i got to the Dentist right away. I could of did. I went to the Dentist and he told me to go to E.M. right away, if i had not went I might not be here. I couldn’t swallow or I couldn’t hardly Breathe, the infection speaded to my neck and almost down to my throat. I just haven’t to see this, something told me to click on it. i would advise everyoine to go to Detist if they have a Abcess, it is nothing to play with, I hate Dentist visit, but it is so important.

  4. Marcie, I am glad you’re ok. That must have been very scary! Yeah, I waited to go to the dentist until the pain was unbearable and I shouldn’t have done that. You are right that when someone is having severe pain in their mouth, that they should go to the dentist immediately.

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