The dentist…

I have a dentist appointment coming up in about an hour. I don’t really want to go, but I am having severe pain on the right side of my mouth. I took a bunch of Ibuprofen, but that didn’t help and it was so bad yesterday morning, that I ended up drinking a bunch to numb the pain and I still felt it. :/

Later in the evening, my mom got a couple of Vicodin pills from my Aunt to give me and that took a lot of the pain away. It still hurts a bit this morning, but it is nothing compared to yesterday and the past three months. I should have taken care of the pain earlier, but it still scares me to go to the dentist. However, at this point, I am just going to have deal with my fear of the dentist and get my teeth taken care of.

Also, it always makes me feel like crap when I drink too much. It feels like I have a bunch of poison sitting in my stomach.

Well, I just got back from the dentist and I have to go back tomorrow. They took x-rays and consulted with me and I am probably going to have to have another root canal, which will cost me over $500 out of pocket. It’s that or have the tooth completely removed, but me and the dentist don’t want to do that, since it is near the front and it will be noticeable when I smile. I also have to have a lot of fillings done and some other cosmetic work done, which is taken care off, but the root canal isn’t.

I told the dentist how severe the pain has been, (which he noticed of course just by looking at my teeth and x-rays) and he wrote me a prescription for Vicodin, since he didn’t have time to start working on my teeth today. I will probably have to go in about two more times to get everything done. My new dentist, wants to do most the stuff in fewer batches and to get everything done instead of doing a tooth here and a tooth there like my last dentist did. I really like him and the dentist aids. They were really nice to me, knowing the fear I have. The other place was nice too, but I think I like this place a bit more.