My moms home…

Just wanted to post an update to say my mom is doing better. She made it through the surgery just fine, but she had to stay a couple of days in the hospital for recovery. The doctors and nurses wanted to keep an eye on her, since she had a bit of trouble during recovery due to her diabetes.

She is home now and I am her nurse. My mom thinks me being her “nursey” is hilarious. lol. I am just glad she is home and safe now. I feel bad for her though, because she looks to be in a lot of pain. I do know how she feels though, since I had the same surgery, but they gave her lots of Vicodin so I am sure she will be fine.

I am feeling a bit odd though. Earlier, I had a bit of a breakdown on the phone with one of my younger sisters. I just feel like I am so unprepared for things. This health issue with my mom happened so fast and was just….scary. I guess, I am just scared.