DREAM: Zombies and money…

This dream was kind of scary.

I and a group of others are being chased by zombies and we are riding a bus trying to escape. A zombie gets on the bus and slashes through the driver with a chainsaw. Somehow, I arrive at my old house where Stephanie is and she is lounging on a couch and a white cat comes up to her drink and it starts dipping it’s bloody paws into it. Stephanie sees this and decides to drink the liquid anyways and I am disgusted and outraged that she would actually drink the liquid. I start yelling at her and telling her that she just drank something that is infected with the virus and I finally convince her too come outside to me to the bus so we can take her too the hospital. As we head to the bus, a black man approaches us and starts pulling out a bunch of money that he won. He says he won it playing the lottery. I am a bit jealous by I congratulate him. He then starts handing money out saying he doesn’t need it. I am thinking I wish he would as me, but I don’t want to be too forward. As if he is reading my mind, he handa be a $100 dollar bill. I tell him I can’t take it and he tells me I can and it would be rude of me if I don’t except it. So I do. He then hands me two bills that say $2,212. I thank him and get Stephanie on the bus. More crazy zombies starts chasing us and try to get on the bus. We are trying to fight them off and drive the bus too safety at the same time and I wake up when the phone rings.

****This is another dream in which I am handed money. In two other dreams within the past couple of months, I received an envelope with two different values of money in it. I hope this is a sign for me.