DREAM: Going back to my roots…

I skipped the beginning part of the dream, because the second part is what is really speaking to me.

I had been hanging out with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelicki (from the show Supernatural) when a helicopter appeared and I jumped on. I told the guys that I have to go to Africa and that I would see them later. I jumped on the helicopter and I ended up getting there really fast. I was walking through a wooded area, when I reached someone’s house and saw a man standing there. He said he was a Nigerian like me and that he has been waiting for me. He took me for a tour and said that my family has been here for a long time and that my family line is very powerful. He told me that my grandfather was a shaman and that his grandfather was a shaman and so forth. He then said that my father was suppose to become a shaman, but he didn’t and that it was now my turn to become one.

It is true that my grandfather on my fathers side was a shaman and so was his father and so on, so this dream seems to have some truth to it. My mom says that someone/something is trying to tell me something and I should follow this dream.