Massachusetts Season Ticket

I am very happy! I just bought a 3-month subscription Season Ticket for Mass Cash from the Massachusetts lottery! (They offer people who don’t reside in the state the chance to buy subscriptions to their games.) I finally get to play a pick 5 game and it’s not computerized which is a major plus in my book! My Season Ticket doesn’t start until February 15th, but it’s worth the wait. Is there anyone else out there that is doing this?

I think in another couple of weeks I may buy a subscription to one of their Pick 6 games. (Cash Windfall or Mega Bucks.) That way I will be able to play a Pick 6 game that have better odds and isn’t computerized like the Hot Lotto game here is.

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2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Season Ticket”

  1. how can a non-resident buy out of state (from MA) I am interested in buying mega million when the grand prize goese around $150 million

  2. Sorry that I was late responding to this, but you can’t buy Mega Millions from them. 🙁 For some reason, they don’t allow you to buy MM and I think Pick 4. I haven’t checked the site lately since my subscription ran out.

    To get a subscription to the other games you just have to go to their site, find their number and call them and make an order. Hope that helps!

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