Update on new kitten…

The kitten is doing better today. He has a big appetite and has been drinking liquids so things are good on that front. He is also getting better at letting us around him, but still has the instinct of wanting to run and hide. We are still keeping him in his crate and keeping the other cats away from him. He also got a mini bath, which he handled surprisingly well. He also is not flipping out on us when we try to pick him up. In a way, it seems like he kind of welcomes us touching him. I think he is starting to realize (slowly), that we aren’t the enemy. Although, like I said he still has flight instinct. We still are undecided on a name, but then we are waiting to find out what gender he really is.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of my sister holding the new kitty:

(Also, for some reason, he looks a lot bigger in the pics then he does in person. It’s kind of weird.)

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 3

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 2

ThatScaryChicks new kitten

Found a kitten in our dumpster…

Early this morning around 3:30, I heard a cat meowing. I thought it was one of our two cats, but I found them in the house so I just figured it was one of the neighbors cats. Well this afternoon, my youngest sister took the garbage out and runs back in the house and said there was a kitten in the garbage. My mom, sister and me run outside and sure enough, there is a little kitten in the garbage under a bag of potatoes. It was so sad. We got one of our cats crates and my sister hopped on a chair and jumped in the garbage tank. It took us about 5 minutes trying to catch it because it was terrifed and was kind of flipping out.

We had him in the cat crate, but then we got a huge box and put food, water and litter in it and well…He/she jumped right out it. lol. Then, he ran around the house while our other cats wanted to know what was going on and he hissed and ran into my room and is currently under my bed. We decided to just let him stay under there until he calms down a bit.

We tried to call a vet to make an appointment to have him checked out, but all the vets closed around 2:00 and they aren’t opened on Sundays and Monday is a holiday. *sigh* We are keeping him away from our other cats in case he is sick or something. He looks a little raggedy and a bit thin, but seems ok. Still, we are going to keep him away from our other cats because we don’t know if he is sick or has fleas, lice or whatever.

I am just so upset about the whole thing. How could someone just dump a poor animal like that and in the trash. There is no way that it just hoped in. The garbage can is one of those huge ones that are really high. I hate people sometimes. And I feel guilty. I heard a cat meowing and I just assumed it was a neighbors cat. It had been in the trash, under a bag of potatoes, in the heat. I don’t think it would have survived very long if my sister hadn’t found him. I also have a feeling that one of the neighbors may have known it was there, but chose to ignore it. He was working on his car and cleaning it out and the car was right near the garbage can. If I heard it from my bedroom window, he had to have heard the cat while outside next to the garbage itself. :/

Anyways, we will get it fixed and get its shots and keep it. He/she deserves to have a home where it doesn’t have to worry about being dumped in the garbage again.

* I will post pictures of him later when he has calmed down.

He has calmed down a bit. We caught him and put him back in the crate and he is so worn out and tired. I feel so bad for him. He seems like he may be sick. Plus, we think he might be a lot younger then we thought. We think he may only be a couple of weeks old, but we are not sure yet.

Here is a picture:

Kitty we found in the dumpster

This and that…

So, we got our new car yesterday. It is actually pretty nice. It’s an off-white 94 Nissan Maxima. It’s not the newest year, but it runs well and looks good. It will help a lot having another vehicle around here.

School also began for some of the family today. (The ones in this state at least.) It’s still crowded here, but today is my oldest sisters last day and tomorrow she is over to where she is moving and is getting things ready to go. I figure she and my niece will be here another week or so. I feel kind of bad for my niece though. She started her first day of school today and will probably be there for two weeks or so and then she is going to be uprooted again. I guess that is life sometimes. But it sucks to get adjusted to a new place, then having to move and adjust again within such a short time.

I ended up getting up early because everyone was getting ready for work or school and they were being a bit loud. I did plan on going back to bed, because I’m not used to getting up this early, but I guess I will stay up and find something to do. I have some cleaning I need to do, but I don’t know if I will get to that today.

Nothing much…

Nothing much has been going on the last couple of days. I have been finishing setting up certain things with my computer and today I finally was able to get the wireless connection set up for all the computers in the house. I thought it would be hard to set up and I thought there might be problems with connections, but it works great and it was pretty easy to connect. I really like it and it will be so much better for all of us to have all the computers connected to the internet at once, so we don’t have to fight with who get to get on. lol.

I am also talking to my sister again. I won’t say it is easy, but at this point I am doing it for my moms sake. Yesterday, my mom kept asking me to set up her computer desk and chair and finally I snapped and said, If she wants it setup let her do it or you can do it for her, but please stop asking me.” I was honest when I said I wasn’t going to do things like that for her. You can’t be nasty to someone and then expect them to want to do things for you. So finally, after almost a week of the stuff just sitting there, my mom and sister finally set it all up.

However, I did have to set up the wi-fi stuff for her. The only reason I did that was because I’m the one who handles computer side of things and since my computer is the main computer where the wireless stuff is hooked up too, I had to do it. But the desk and chair, nope I wasn’t going to do it.

What else, we should be picking up our new car tomorrow. It will be nice to have multiple vehicles again. My ex-stepfather (Krissy’s father) also picked up one of the other cars that we had that was a gas guzzler. We didn’t use it and it was just sitting there so we gave it to him.

Anyways, not much else is going on. I think I will go play Sims2 some more.

A new car…

We are getting a new car. Well it’s used, but it will be new to us. It is a Nissan…something. I will post more details later when I know them. My ex-stepfather (Krissy’s dad) is helping us find a good car, for a low price, without getting ripped off. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to car, so it’s a good thing he was willing to help us. Anyways, It will be nice to have another working car to get everyone to work and to school and such.

Being busy…

Today was a busy one for me. I spent a lot of the day transferring my files from my old computer to this new one. I then went shopping and bought a wireless broadband router, wireless adapters and my new chair. In the next day or two, I plan on setting up the wireless stuff, so we all can be on the computer at the same time. I did set up my new chair because I wanted to get the old one out of the house, but after doing that I was just so tired that I decide to relax and finish uploading my Sims 2 games and expansion packs.

I played for a little bit after I was done loading everything and wow…the difference is simply amazing. The load time is only minutes instead of 20-30 minutes and now I can actually began playing again. I ended up quitting a couple of months ago, because I got tired of waiting for it to load and all the pausing it would do. It’s hard to play a game when it constantly buffers. So yeah, it makes me happy that I can now play my games.