My sisters desk…

So, my youngest sister and I just spent almost three hours trying to put her new desk and hutch set together. It didn’t go well. We were doing fine up to some points, but the holes where we were suppose to stick the screws and what not, were either to tight or not aligned right and it basically messed up the whole desk. I am not a newbie at putting desks together, so I know that the desk was built wrong. Ugh. My sister decided she wants to take the desk back because it’s basically crap and it just won’t go together right and I agree. My mom however, keeps saying, “We’ll work on it tomorrow and fix it”, but we both think we should try a different desk.

I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. I am taking my mom to an eye appointment and we are going to see about taking this desk back and getting a different one. I found the desk I am getting, I just hope it isn’t this much trouble to put together.

ETA: Aug. 2nd 2008 – We took the desk back and will probably getting something else sometime this week.


My oldest sister made bread bowls filled with potato soup for us. This is the first time I’ve ever had one…sad I know. It was delicious and it was very filling. There was no need for any side dishes or anything it was one big meal.

Here is what it looked like:
bread bowl - with potato soup
(the image is from this site, since I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it.)


I just finished cleaning for the day and I am exhausted. I have to do the rest of the cleaning tomorrow, or at least that is the plan. I am getting a new computer desk and chair sometime this week or next week and I want everything to be nice and tidy when they get here. The desk is lovely and the chair is so comfortable. I may post pictures of it later. I am also ordering a new computer soon! *claps* I am giving my sister this computer and I will be getting something that has a bit more power to it. Anyways, I am excited about that and I am also tired from this afternoon, so that is about it.


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The settlement…

Today my mom got her settlement check in the mail. *claps* Let me tell you she was excited to actually receive any amount, but really we feel she was ripped off. The government took some out because they claimed that my mom had used some type of medical service 7 years ago and had my sister on it. It ended up costing her almost $7,000 out of her settlement money. We were very pissed because she used no such medical service, but how do you fight the government? (Sorry, but I’m being vague on for personal reasons.) Anyways, the lawyers get their fees, the government makes up lies and takes out there share and that leaves a little for my mom. Now don’t get me wrong, we are happy that she got anything, (We really thought we wouldn’t see anything for years) but my mom has to live the rest of her life with a condition brought on by a company and this money isn’t very much considering the damage it did to her. It feels like the lawyers are the ones who made out best. *sigh* :/