Massachusetts Season Ticket

I am very happy! I just bought a 3-month subscription Season Ticket for Mass Cash from the Massachusetts lottery! (They offer people who don’t reside in the state the chance to buy subscriptions to their games.) I finally get to play a pick 5 game and it’s not computerized which is a major plus in my book! My Season Ticket doesn’t start until February 15th, but it’s worth the wait. Is there anyone else out there that is doing this?

I think in another couple of weeks I may buy a subscription to one of their Pick 6 games. (Cash Windfall or Mega Bucks.) That way I will be able to play a Pick 6 game that have better odds and isn’t computerized like the Hot Lotto game here is.

So nice!

So, I log into a message board that I am a member of to find out I have a pm. I check this private message only to find out that an anonymous poster on a forum bought me 6-month platinum membership. This gift is worth $40! I was so speechless. I asked the administrator to thank the person for me because they were anonymous and I couldn’t do it in person.

It was just out of the blue and really, it just brightened my day. I have been having kind of a blah week and this was just so nice. Whoever you are, thank you for the gift. I really appreciate it!