New pics of Bella…

I thought I would post some pictures of Bella since I haven’t in a while. She is so different from when we first found her. She is growing and is hyper and she is really loving towards us. Although, she doesn’t like strangers and will run and hide when anyone, but my mom, sister or me is around. The orange cat is Joey. She really likes him, but he only seems to barely tolerate her. lol.

Cat Cat

Cat Cat Cat

Looking at some pumpkinsā€¦.

I went to the store with plans on getting some pumpkins, but they were basically crap. They were either rotting or really soft. So, I think I am going to wait a few more days or try again in about a week. Around this time of year, they sometimes have about 6 or 7 big bins, but right now, they only had two. I’m guessing it’s because it’s still a bit early for the stores to start putting pumpkins out. We did go to another store, but they were 11 cents more and they only had one bin. So we are just going to try again later.

I am really excited this year about Halloween. Usually something comes up like money or something and we don’t get to celebrate. But this year, we put away some money and have been buying Halloween things when we see them, so this year we are set on decorations.

Anyways, Here are some pictures I took while I was out. Some of them were taken when I was in the car and it was moving. lol.

Flowers Flowers Flowers Pumpkins
Town Highway Highway Highway