My Site Was Compromised…

Earlier today, my site suffered a malware attack due to the fact that I was using an outdated version of Word Press. At the moment, Google finds my website a threat even though I have had the bad code removed and updated my blog. I am hoping to have that issue fixed soon, but you may not be able to get on with Firefox or some other browser. Also, please be aware that my blog is safe and so are my links to my Sims creations. I made a mistake with not updating Word Press and I now know better, but I would never purposely put questionable content on my site.

There might be broken pages or something that I may have missed, but it is late and I am tired and I’ve been working on this issue for hours. If you see something wrong, please point it out to me. Thank you.

ETA: The issue appears to be fixed and google no longer sees my website as a threat.


Sometimes, I really…dislike people. I am tired of people being nasty and rude to me. Yet, they then expect things from me. I am just so over it.