Not surprised…

Well my Halloween plans fell through…again. I’m not really surprised. I always get my hopes up that something will go right and it doesn’t. I think I am going to quit thinking things will work out and just…be. That way, I won’t be upset when whatever I want fails to come through. But everyone else will be having fun and that’s the only thing that matters.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!

What are your plans for the 4th?

I was planning on going out to the fairgrounds tonight to watch the fireworks with a couple of friends, but that seems like a bust. And all my family is busy. My mom is hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle, my youngest sis is at her dads for the weekend, my oldest sister went out of town to spend the weekend with her boyfriend and my other sister is in another state. So, I’m basically going to be by myself. I think I am going to go to the movies or something. I haven’t decided if I want to watch Wanted or Hancock. I’ll probably just decide when I get there.