New pics of Bella…

I thought I would post some pictures of Bella since I haven’t in a while. She is so different from when we first found her. She is growing and is hyper and she is really loving towards us. Although, she doesn’t like strangers and will run and hide when anyone, but my mom, sister or me is around. The orange cat is Joey. She really likes him, but he only seems to barely tolerate her. lol.

Cat Cat

Cat Cat Cat

Small update…

Just a small update of things.

Bella is becoming a very outgoing and happy kitty! She has really broke out of her shell within the last few days. She no longer will allow herself to be in my sisters room with the door shut (unless my sister has gone to bed then she stays with her) and hangs out in the laundry room with Joey. She is also standing up for herself with Crystal who still doesn’t like her. *sigh* I know I have to give it time, but it’s annoying to watch Crystal be mean to her. Bella though, is a bit feisty and seems to be able to hold her own. She is such a sweetie. She loves to have her belly rubbed and loves being held and is constantly meowing at us for attention. She is like a totally different cat from when we found her. She is also a very hyper little girl. At times it can be frustrating. lol.

My sister also called and my niece apparently is doing very well. She loves her new school and her new house and things are just going great and that makes me so happy. I was afraid that she would have a hard time adjusting, but I guess it is the opposite of what I thought. I am glad she has gotten away from some of the kids around here. No offense to certain people, but some of the families are trailer and some of the kids are trouble and that was who she was hanging around with. She basically gets to have a new start with her mom and I hope everything works out for them.

Our kitty’s name…

So we finally have name for the kitty. We decided to call her Bella. It really seems to fit her. We spent so much time trying to come up with a name that everyone could agree upon. It was a lot of work. lol.

Bella is also becoming more active and not hiding as much. We introduced her to the two other cats and Joey tolerates her, but Crystal does not like her at all. Hopefully that will change with time. Anyways, she is doing a lot better and seems to trust us a bit more. She still hides under the bed/dresser/desk etc., but we are making progress with her.

Another cat post…

I took the kitty to the vet today and she is doing well and yes she is a she. A lot of people here and on another message board were telling me she was a she and they were right. lol. Anyways, she is about 7 weeks old and in decent condition although she has worms, but we got medication for that. She took of the medication at the vet’s office and we will give her some more in about two weeks. She is allowed to be around the other cats, but we are taking it slow and just letting her hang out in my sisters room. She is still a bit fearful of things and likes to hide under the bed and under the dresser or in the closet, but she comes out to eat, drink and use her potty box.

It will probably take some time for her to get used to things, but she is doing much better then a couple of days ago. She will no longer tolerate staying in her make-shift crate. She gets very vocal and wants to be out. So that was our sign to just let her out and about. However, we don’t think she will be able to handle one of our cats at the moment, so we are letting her adjust alone in my sisters bedroom without having to deal with the other two cats.

We plan on getting her fixed of course, but I’m not quite sure when we are going to do it. I think we are going to wait until she trusts us a bit more and gets used to the fact that this is her new home and that we aren’t bad guys.

Update on new kitten…

The kitten is doing better today. He has a big appetite and has been drinking liquids so things are good on that front. He is also getting better at letting us around him, but still has the instinct of wanting to run and hide. We are still keeping him in his crate and keeping the other cats away from him. He also got a mini bath, which he handled surprisingly well. He also is not flipping out on us when we try to pick him up. In a way, it seems like he kind of welcomes us touching him. I think he is starting to realize (slowly), that we aren’t the enemy. Although, like I said he still has flight instinct. We still are undecided on a name, but then we are waiting to find out what gender he really is.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of my sister holding the new kitty:

(Also, for some reason, he looks a lot bigger in the pics then he does in person. It’s kind of weird.)

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 3

ThatScaryChicks new kitten 2

ThatScaryChicks new kitten

Found a kitten in our dumpster…

Early this morning around 3:30, I heard a cat meowing. I thought it was one of our two cats, but I found them in the house so I just figured it was one of the neighbors cats. Well this afternoon, my youngest sister took the garbage out and runs back in the house and said there was a kitten in the garbage. My mom, sister and me run outside and sure enough, there is a little kitten in the garbage under a bag of potatoes. It was so sad. We got one of our cats crates and my sister hopped on a chair and jumped in the garbage tank. It took us about 5 minutes trying to catch it because it was terrifed and was kind of flipping out.

We had him in the cat crate, but then we got a huge box and put food, water and litter in it and well…He/she jumped right out it. lol. Then, he ran around the house while our other cats wanted to know what was going on and he hissed and ran into my room and is currently under my bed. We decided to just let him stay under there until he calms down a bit.

We tried to call a vet to make an appointment to have him checked out, but all the vets closed around 2:00 and they aren’t opened on Sundays and Monday is a holiday. *sigh* We are keeping him away from our other cats in case he is sick or something. He looks a little raggedy and a bit thin, but seems ok. Still, we are going to keep him away from our other cats because we don’t know if he is sick or has fleas, lice or whatever.

I am just so upset about the whole thing. How could someone just dump a poor animal like that and in the trash. There is no way that it just hoped in. The garbage can is one of those huge ones that are really high. I hate people sometimes. And I feel guilty. I heard a cat meowing and I just assumed it was a neighbors cat. It had been in the trash, under a bag of potatoes, in the heat. I don’t think it would have survived very long if my sister hadn’t found him. I also have a feeling that one of the neighbors may have known it was there, but chose to ignore it. He was working on his car and cleaning it out and the car was right near the garbage can. If I heard it from my bedroom window, he had to have heard the cat while outside next to the garbage itself. :/

Anyways, we will get it fixed and get its shots and keep it. He/she deserves to have a home where it doesn’t have to worry about being dumped in the garbage again.

* I will post pictures of him later when he has calmed down.

He has calmed down a bit. We caught him and put him back in the crate and he is so worn out and tired. I feel so bad for him. He seems like he may be sick. Plus, we think he might be a lot younger then we thought. We think he may only be a couple of weeks old, but we are not sure yet.

Here is a picture:

Kitty we found in the dumpster